Our Brand

At ShaArkMango, our mission is to raise happy kids and cultivate joys and happiness to family around the world. The concept begins with the introduction of adorable animal night light that help children drive out darkness . For children, it is a normal part of their development to be afraid of the dark. As little kids start to discover about the surrounding environment, our lovely animal-shaped lamp can be the light that helps your children see the beautiful world. These adorable night lights have been sold to many different parts of the world spreading happiness and driving out darkness to millions of soles.

Since then, we have expanded our offering to educational toys that bring joy to learning for younger children. These interactive and playful toys are fun, challenging and satisfying, and develops the skills, motivation and mindset needed in later grades and in life.

We will continue to strive for excellence in our products with children in mind in hope to spread joys and happiness to more families around the world.

Our Mascot

Hello ShaArkmango! ShaArkmango is our mascot and brand name. She is kind, happy and healthy, and it can swim super fast.  ShaArkmango is intelligent, social and ready to take on the challenge of representing our values around the globe. ShaArkmango is flexible and adaptable, she happily travels long distances to spread love and joy. You can expect to see ShaArkmango at our events, stealing the spotlight in marketing campaigns or on our products. In conjunction with our brand, ShaArkmango helps to showcase who we are and what we represent.

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